Distributed consensus middleware

Babble is a pluggable software component that brings Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus to distributed applications. It is driven by a powerful algorithm which does away with the network overhead of other consensus systems.

EVM Lite

A light-weight wrapper for the Ethereum Virtual Machine to run Smart-Contracts backed by the Babble consensus engine

The EVM is a security oriented virtual machine, designed to permit untrusted code to be executed by a network of computers. The combination of EVM and Babble makes for an ultra-fast and secure distributed computing system.


Mobile Ad Hoc Blockchains

Monet is an open network architecture for mobile blockchains on demand. It enables groups of people involved in any task or activity to form temporary networks with their mobile devices and coordinate themselves without needing trusted third parties.


Serverless Chat

Chatterbox has been developed to demonstrate the benefits of using Babble in a mobile App. In future it will also demonstrate how the Monet hub can be leveraged to improve the functionality of mobile applications. As well as being a demonstrator, the work done on Chatterbox will lead to a mobile SDK which will allow other developers to build their own apps on top of Babble and to use services on the Monet hub.